What is heart? When you look at Western European literature, heart is the core of courage. In fact, if you look at the French root of the word “courage,” it means “couer” or heart. There are many European traditions that look at the heart as the center of human toughness, substance, character, and perseverance. They look at this organ as symbolizing and embodying all the essence a person has that has anything to do with toughness, conviction, focus, and perseverance against the odds.

Heart is really important because it means that you would be able to continue going forward regardless of how many people laugh at you. That’s the bottom line.

You see, anything worth doing in this life will involve you going up against the expectations, fears and group pressure of many other people. That’s just the way it is. And if you do not have the right level of heart and courage, you’re just going to fail again and again.

It doesn’t matter how vivid your dreams are. It doesn’t matter how badly you want it. If you do not have the proper amount of courage, you’re not going to find the ability to put your plans into action. You must take the plunge. You have to find it in you to take that step.

As you probably already know, the world doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings. It doesn’t. It doesn’t care about your emotions, your intentions, motivations. It doesn’t care about any of that shit. All it cares about are the things that you actually do. This is where courage comes in because courage translates motivation and intention into solid action.

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By Editor