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She was pinned against the bed, his strong hands and grip pushing on her shoulders, as he positioned himself between her legs, she was out of breath and staring up into the dark trying to see what he was going to do to her next. She seemed to be at his mercy.

She felt the warm hot sting, as the head of his cock started to push into her, the deeper he pushed the more she could feel herself stretch to accommodate to his thickness and length. After a few slow but forceful thrusts into her, he began to pick up the pace, thrusting harder into her, her wet pussy coating his cock in juices, making it easy for him to ravage her, every thrust of his cock ran across her g-spot and caused an uncontrolled moan from her while she thrust her hips up and locked her legs around him, gripping onto his back with her hands in sheer pleasure, after several minutes, she felt flushed and from the sounds of him, she could tell he was soon about to cum. She opened her eyes, looked up into the darkness to see the face of the man who was fucking her, she felt him lose control…….

Her eyes shot open, she was hyperventilating and in a sweat, she could hear nothing but the sound of the fan in her room that wasn’t providing any cool air on her body that she had noticed yet since waking up. She reached down and slid a couple fingers between the thin fabric of her underwear. Soaking. “Fuck..” she whispered in the darkness as she threw her legs over the side of the bed to head towards the bathroom. She looked at the clock, it was only 4am, she still had a couple hours to go before she had to go to work.

After coming out of the bathroom, she slid back into bed, finally feeling the fan on her soft skin. She laid there replaying that dream over and over in her mind, it felt so real. Why did she have to wake up before being able to see who it was? After having a conversation in her head, she fell back to sleep, only to be startled by the sound of her alarm clock which felt like 2 minutes later, but really had been a couple hours.

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Valerie Steele was 23. She worked as a secretary for some office downtown which was overpopulated with men who did nothing but eyeball her when they walked by. She was a beautiful girl though, Long brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, a nice figure, and just the right amount of tan that gave her a somewhat light caramel complexion.

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She was a mature girl for her age, she had been kicked out of her home by her mom when she was 18 because her mother’s new boyfriend was always trying to touch her sexually, and her mother didn’t want to believe it and told her it was all lies and if she couldn’t get along with him then she should get out. She managed to stay in school, and attend a university, she worked hard to pay for it, get good grades and hopefully make something of herself with a high paying company. With no luck in the great company offers, she basically took the job she could get, which is how she ended up where she is now.

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