Are the college dorms full of lesbians? It may seem like a strange question to pose but the myth lives on that dorm rooms breed new generations of gay females, either for the duration of college or permanently. It is obviosly nonsense. Yes. Some inhabitants of a dorm will be lesbians, some will be bisexual or bicurious and some of these constellations may even hook up, make out or have sex. But the sexuality is brought in, it isnt produced there. The dorm may however be a convenient place to try out some thus far restrained fantasies or desires, but if someone enters without any kind of desire for the same sex, that is how they will leave as well.

Photos of lesbian teen couple

Dont let the prejudices fool you. Obviously a college dorm will generally be a fairly tolerant environment for alternative sexual orientations. The young adults and teens in such a place are openminded, well educated and thus often prepared to accept people for who they are, including gays, lesbians and others diverting from the general norm. Thats great and should be treasured but shouldnt be misinterpreted as the colleges and their dorms being breeding grounds for lesbian activities. That simply is a false assumption.

By Editor