Finding a hot teen to bust a nut over couldn’t be easier. When a quick Google search doesn’t produce the result we’re looking for, there are a million and one directories that will happily point us in the right direction to some horny young pussy.

But one thing you won’t yet find in these directories is where to find some horny holographic college sluts ready to put on a kinky performance. That’s because the technology that makes it possible to indulge in hot sex acts with holograms of naughty college girls is still so new and most people don’t even know about it yet.

Thankfully, there is one AR directory which shows us exactly where to find these girls. The site is a beast because it is the only known website to offer such an extensive list of augmented reality adult entertainment. You may not yet be familiar with ‘AR’, so I advise that you check the site out so you can get a good understanding of what it is and the effectiveness of AR in adult film.

Just to offer a quick insight in to AR, just imagine the hottest teen or college slut you can think of posing on your sofa, begging for you to fuck her tight holes. She’s laying there, completely life-sized and she is 3-dimensional so you can walk around her and admire her sexy body from every point of view. You can choose the position you want to fuck her in and actually do the act yourself, rather than watching a flat video which only allows you to see what the camera shows you.

The website consists of links to blogs, games, apps and more; all listed on the front page so there’s no bullshit trying to find what you’re looking for. Just click away and see what you can find! Content is limited due to the technology being so new but the site is always being updated with new shit you can check out.

By Editor